Release Notes - ML Studio version 2.1

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October 2022

We have released a new version of ML Studio, version 2.1. As usual, it contains multiple improvements. This release is focused on improved ease of use and transparency.

With v2.1, we are introducing:

  • Rebranding - The product previously known as xAI Workbench is now called ML Studio and the user interface has an enhanced color pallet to reflect this new identity.
  • A new bias test, the Intracluster Test, helps identify risky flaws in models.
  • The Bias Detection Report makes it easy to run and interpret Bias Tests (both old and new).
  • Enhancements to the Models Table to increase the information provided and make it easier to find the model you are interested in.

New features

Intracluster Bias Test

Newly added to Bias Testing, this test runs an Analysis of Variance statistical test. This test determines if the distribution of query prediction confidence scores within a cluster are different for records with other values of the variable being tested.

Bias Detection Report

Bias Detection Report makes Intracluster and Intercluster Bias Detection queries for a selected set of variables across all clusters in a model and returns the results in an easy-to-digest interface for review. The Bias Detection Report is accessed through the Model Actions page for any Supervised Clustering Model.

Features of the Bias Detection Report

With the Bias Detection Report, it is possible to show the following

  • Summary of Findings
  • How To Interpret Findings
  • Overview of Tests
  • Detailed Results

Read more about this new feature Bias Detection Report

Models Table Enhancements

Several new fields have been added to the Models Table to make it easier to differentiate models from each other without needing to move into multiple Model Details pages.

New fields include:

  • Model Version
  • Query Count
  • Last Query Time
  • Training Data Folder Name
  • Specification File Name
  • Creation Date
  • Model Actions – These have been consolidated into a single cell
  • Grids are now their own Model Type

This release also contains additional minor bug fixes and security updates.

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