Providing AutoML Data Specifications

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Upon selection of a data set, the AutoML process automatically executes ML Studio’s Specification Analyzer. When the Specification Analysis is complete, you are brought to the Specification Creation page. 

If you already have a Specification File for your data set, select Upload Spec File and follow that process.

Here you must select an ID Column (a column that has a unique value for every row) and a Class Column (the value which will be predicted by the model). 


Optionally, you can select Edit Spec to adjust the automatically selected specifications for the data set. This can be used to Ignore certain fields, to set them to serve as Metadata fields where they will not be used to produce the model but will be available for analytics processes, or modify the model’s assumed column specification (for example, REAL to NOMINAL). 


When satisfied with the selected column specifications, click Create Spec File to generate the file.

Once an appropriate Specifications File is created (or uploaded), you are brought to the Spec List for the data set, with the newly generated Specifications File selected. 


Select the Next button in the AutoML Navigation Bar to progress to the Model Optimization stage. Alternatively, it is now possible to Auto-Complete the AutoML process, using default values for the remaining stages. 

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