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The AutoML Navigation Bar provides a consistent method of navigation. You can navigate through the model creation process via the advancement arrows that are only enabled once the current step of the process has been completed.

The five stages of the AutoML process are always visible in the navigation bar. 


The current stage is denoted by solid coloring and an underline.


Greyed-out steps are not yet accessible.


Solid, but not underlined, steps have already been completed.


Information on what must be done to complete the current step is provided by the checklist. The  checklist has three statuses that are conveyed by the color of the icon:


To Exit the AutoML process, select the triple bar dropdown on the left side of the navigation bar


and select Exit.


If you exit AutoML while it is on a step that requires time to process, the process will continue even though you exited AutoML. You can also choose to tell AutoML to complete the remainder of the process and it will complete the multiple remaining steps automatically. If AutoComplete is used, it will continue to execute multiple remaining steps even after it has been exited. To stop those steps, you would need to cancel the process in the same way you normally would. This is described below.

To cancel a grid experiment currently being processed as part of an AutoML process, use the Models page.Models_page.png

To rejoin an AutoML process that has been exited, start the AutoML process              Use_existing.png

and select the appropriate AutoML project from the dropdown.Options.png

To advance to the next step of the AutoML process (once allowed by completing all current steps) select the solid triangle “play” button. 


To complete the entire remaining AutoML process with the settings that have been provided so far and defaults for the remainder of the process, select the Auto-Complete “Fast-Forward“ button.


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