Introduction to AutoML

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Before Getting Started

Welcome to the guide for using AutoML. This guide is written for users who have an understanding of what a machine learning classifier is. To get started, you will need a data set suitable for classification, a table where each record is encoded as a single row.


ML Studio provides a highly automated and guided model creation process to help users rapidly train and deploy simClassify+ models. 

To start the AutoML engine, select AutoML from the top navigation bar or the Home Page. This will start the AutoML engine and take you through model creation, allowing you to quickly move through each stage of model creation using default or custom settings.


AutoML is operated through the AutoML Navigation Bar. You can progress through the process by selecting the Next button.


This button is not available until the required tasks in that step are completed. Or, you can choose to use defaults for any remaining portions of the process by selecting the Auto-Complete button.


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