Ability to hide authoring components in irAuthor

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This feature is intended for irAuthor extension creators to allow the ability to hide certain authoring components from the navigation panels.

A new boolean property has been added to the RuleRepositoryDefBase class called 'HideFromAuthoring'. Extension creators may set this property to true if they intend to hide a component from the navigation panels.

This feature currently only applies to the following navigation panels:

  • Decisions
  • Rules
  • Data
  • End Points
  • Schema

The only authoring components that currently honor the hide property are:

  • Rules
  • Actions
  • Data Elements
  • End Points
  • Schemas

(RuleSets and Decisions themselves are not affected)

For example, if a FireNotificationActionDef is created, its 'HideFromAuthoring' property is set to true, and added to a RuleSet, it will not appear in the navigation panel, although it will execute during rule execution.

Note: Hidden authoring components are not currently excluded from the Find or Points of Interest features.


To view all hidden authoring components, there is a new irAuthor option in the 'General' options section called 'Show Hidden Items'. Checking this checkbox will show all hidden authoring components in their respective navigation panels.


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