Urgent Notice for InRule for Dynamics customers – Impact of Microsoft Dynamics 365 deprecation of WSTrust

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Thank you for your valued partnership with InRule and your investment in the InRule for Dynamics 365 offering!
This notice is intended to bring attention to an upcoming Microsoft change that could impact your InRule solution connectivity.
To ensure better security for Dynamics 365 environments, Microsoft is disabling the ability to authenticate to environments with WS-Trust as of April 4, 2022. If you are running the Dynamics 365 Cloud offering, please read through the information below and the attached InRule Support Bulletin. Changes to your InRule installation, either via an upgrade or configuration may be required before this date to maintain connectivity.  If Dynamics 365 is currently deployed on premises the deprecation deadline is not in effect since an on premises upgrade is opt-in. However, it is recommended that you review the information provided in the event that you plan to upgrade Dynamics.  The version of InRule you are currently running will directly impact the actions you need to take prior to the April 4th date.  InRule Version Summary:
  • Customers using a version of InRule older than v5.2 will need to upgrade their InRule Solution.
  • Customers running InRule v5.2 through v5.5 are able to change the runtime configured connection to support ongoing execution connectivity. However, irAuthor will no longer support the irX connection to Dynamics 365 for schema changes/updates and will require an upgrade.
  • Customers who are using InRule v5.6 or above should confirm they are using a supported authentication method both in the runtime configuration and in irAuthor Advanced login options.
Additional details on what you need to do in each of these instances is included in the attached InRule Support Bulletin. Please reach out to  or your InRule contact with any questions. 

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