Troubleshooting Licensing Issues

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License Activation Errors

The following are potential errors when activating an InRule License.

  • Activation Connection Error / Activation Error
    • This indicates you were unable to connect to the InRule Licensing System. It may be resolved by adjusting your firewall settings to allow connection to the licensing URL. If that is not doable, you may Activate Offline.
  • License key <<attemptedkey>> does not exist in the InRule Licensing System.
    • This indicates that you likely mis-typed the license key. There is no record of that key in the InRule Licensing System.
  • License key <<attemptedkey>> is not active in the InRule Licensing System.
    • This indicates that the key exists, but is marked as "inactive" in the InRule Licensing System. Please contact InRule for an active key.
  • License key <<attemptedkey>> does not unlock version <<InRuleVersionOnMachine>> of the requested product.
    • This indicates that the license key is for a different version of InRule than the one you're attempting to activate. However, if you have license keys that do not unlock the correct version of the InRule Software, the "Next" or "Activate" buttons will most likely be disabled because the format of the key is incorrect. The InRule 5 installer and Activation Utility will not allow you to proceed with activation if you've input Version 4 formatted keys.
  • License key <<attemptedkey>> expired on <<expiredate>>.
    • This indicates that the key you've entered has expired. Please contact InRule for a key with an updated expiration date.
  • This machine already has an <<productdescription>> activation for license key <<active>>, so you cannot activate using <<attemptedkey>>. To proceed, you must reactivate <<productdescription>> using <<active>>.
    • This indicates that you already have an activation in the InRule Licensing System for the same machine and product component that you're trying to activate with a different key. Therefore, you can successfully activate the machine by using the key that is active in the InRule System. Or, if you still wish to activate with a different key, you would need to first deactivate the old key. To do so, you can reactivate with the old key, and then deactivate so that it's properly recorded in the InRule Licensing System.
  • Activating this machine will cause the number of allowed activations, <<quantity>>, for license key <<attemptedkey>> to be exceeded.
  • License key <<attemptedkey>> unlocks <<productdescription>>, but <<productdescription>> is already activated with license key <<keyalreadyactivated>> on this machine.
    • This indicates that you're trying to activate a key which unlocks a product component which is already active on the machine under a different key. 
  • More than one license key was entered that unlocks the same product: <<productdescription>> - <<attemptedkey1>>, <<attemptedkey2>>, etc.
    • This indicates that you have more than one pending activation that unlocks the same product component. You must choose only 1 key to associate to each product component.
  • You must enter a license key that unlocks <<productdescription>>
    • This indicates that you are installing (or have already installed) a product component which requires activation. If you are receiving this message for a product component you do not believe you need installed, you can navigate back to the component selection screen and unselect that product component.
  • <<productdescription>> license key <<attemptedkey>> was provided, but <<productdescription>> is not being installed.
    • This indicates that you are activating a product component that is not installed. Simply remove this license key from the activation box.

To help you manage the use of your license keys, you can view your current activations at any time by going to the following page on the InRule Support website:

License Runtime Errors

Any runtime licensing errors will be displayed via the GUI (if applicable based on the product component) and will also be written to the Event log.

  • A valid license file cannot be found. This could be due to: 
    • There is not a license file on the machine
    • A license file exists, but it is invalid 
    • There is a permissions error accessing the license file.
      • The account running InRule must have permissions to access the InRule license file. If it cannot, you need to explicitly give that account permissions to the directory where we store the license file. The license file is stored in the directory %ALLUSERSPROFILE% \InRule\SharedLicenses, which typically maps to C:\ProgramData\InRule\SharedLicenses. This directory is “hidden” by default, so you may need to adjust your hidden files settings in Windows Explorer to show these files, as shown in the screen shot below. If you are running InRule in IIS (web service), the account will be the identity of the application pool assigned to that site in IIS


  • License File is found but specific product component license does not exist (not activated)
  • Machine Name at activation does not match current Machine Name of computer. This requires re activation of the license key.
  • Number of cores on the machine now exceeds the number of cores authorized at activation time. This requires re-activation of the license key.
  • License has expired
    • If your license will expire in 5 days or less, a warning message will appear on the GUI (if applicable) and in the Event Log.

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