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You may uninstall InRule by running the installer or using the Control Panel.

Click Uninstall to begin the uninstall process.  


Prerequisite Check

Just before the actual uninstallation begins, the installer checks the prerequisites for the features and options you have selected.  

If there are no checks to be made, this screen is not shown.

Select a prerequisite test to display more information in the Description and Notes areas.  If you would like to rerun the tests, click the Rerun Tests button.

After the prerequisite tests have been completed, click Next.


Product License Deactivation

When you uninstall InRule, you have the choice to deactivate the license(s) at the same time.

If you do not plan to reinstall InRule (or install another release) on this computer, click Next. This will deactivate all InRule licenses on the machine.

To skip over deactivation, select Can I uninstall without deactivating? and select the option to Bypass Deactivation.


Configuration Complete

After you finish configuring the installation, you are set to proceed.

Click Next to begin the uninstallation.


Setup Complete

After the uninstallation completes, a confirmation screen is presented.

Click Close to close the installer.  

The irCatalog database, if existing, must be manually deleted. It is not deleted automatically by the uninstall process.


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