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irScript is a dynamic programming language used within InRule® User Defined Functions to provide Developers and Power Users of irAuthor® a way to extend the rule authoring environment. As opposed to static and instance methods derived from .NET Assembly End Points and Schemas, User Defined Functions written in irScript are contained and saved within the Rule Application definition. This provides a greater level portability and interoperability than previously possible.

Business analysts will appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of irScript and should be productive immediately if they have experience with JavaScript or VBScript. The dynamic aspects of irScript, similar to that found in Perl, Ruby, Python and JavaScript, empower experienced developers to create functionality that would otherwise require building and maintaining external libraries.

The following list highlights the features of irScript:

  • Familiar to C# and Java developers
  • Dynamic, metadata-driven programming environment common to rule-enabled applications
  • Integrated with runtime and authoring-time InRule object models via the built-in Context object
  • Built-in access to a variety of static methods in a set of .NET System classes including System.Math, System.String, System.Guid, System.Regex, etc.
  • Useful in a wide range of contexts, while retaining the ability to be hosted by the rule engine in a safe and stable manner

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