Upgrade Installation

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If a previous version of InRule is already installed, you may upgrade it to the new version.  

To upgrade to a later version, click Upgrade Now.  

If you would prefer to leave the earlier version in place and install the new version also, choose a  side-by-side installation instead.



License Agreement

Before installing InRule, you must read and agree to the End User License Agreement.

Scroll down to view the entire agreement, then select the I accept the terms of this agreement checkbox.  

Click Next to proceed.



irCatalog Database Provider

In rare cases, the new version of InRule may have a different catalog database structure.

If you select to have the installer upgrade the database Now", specify the authentication type and credentials. You may select to upgrade the catalog later by selecting the "Manual update later" option.

To perform the manual upgrade, locate the scripts in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\InRule\irServer \RepositoryService\DbBuildScripts" directory. Within DbBuildScripts, navigate to the folder for the type of database selected, SqlServer or Oracle. From there, the sub-folder "UpgradeScripts" contains the scripts necessary for a catalog upgrade.  

The database name configured for the irCatalog service will be used to update all underlying database scripts (create, upgrade and utility) at this time. If you need to run the scripts later and change the database, you can do so by performing a find and replace of this database name.

The user executing the scripts will need the appropriate database permissions configured.

Click Next to proceed.



Prerequisite Check

5.3 Prerequisite Check 

Just before the actual upgrade begins, the installer checks the prerequisites for the features and options you have selected.

If there are no checks to be made, this screen is not shown.

Select a prerequisite test to display more information in the Description and Notes areas.  If you would like to rerun the tests, click the Rerun Tests button.

After the prerequisite tests have been completed, click Next.  


Product License Activation

InRule requires a license to operate. Use this screen to enter your license key(s) and activate the product.

Enter your name, organization, and license key(s), and then click Next to activate.

Select the I don't have an internet connection if you need to activate InRule on a computer that cannot connect to the InRule licensing system.

If you don't have a license key, click What if I don't have a license key? for more options. These may include:

  • Contacting your local administrator to obtain your organization's key
  • Contacting InRule Support to obtain a key
  • For more information, see the Activating InRule topic.


Configuration Complete

After you finish configuring the installation, you are set to proceed.

Click Next to begin the upgrade.


Setup Complete

After the upgrade completes, a confirmation screen is presented.

Click Close to close the installer.  


If you receive a screen like below, this indicates that you must upgrade the Rule Applications within your catalog.


To do so, log in to your catalog from the irCatalog Manage Website. You’ll see a message that an upgrade is required.

Click Upgrade Catalog

Upgrade Catalog.png

Click Upgrade

Are you sure Upgrade Catalog .png

You will see an Upgrade Successful message upon completion of the upgrade.

Upgrade Successful.png


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