Packaging a Rule Application

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The process of transforming a Rule Application into a JavaScript file is called packaging. When
your Rule Application is packaged for JavaScript, the result will be a JavaScript file that contains
your rules, the JavaScript engine and the SDK required to run the rules. You then include the
JavaScript file wherever you need to deploy.

There are 3 ways to package a Rule Application into JavaScript:

Note: Any time rules change in irAuthor, you must re-package the Rule Application into JavaScript
and re-deploy into your application.

Accessing the web site and your subscription key

To package a Rule Application, you must have an authorized irDistribution user account and
subscription key. You should have received your credentials to access the web site from InRule. If
you did not receive credentials, please contact your InRule Account Executive.

The subscription key is tied to your user account. Upon successful login to the web site (https://, your subscription key will be available to you. You will need that
subscription key to package JavaScript via the irDistribution service and from within the irX for
JavaScript authoring extension.

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