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InRule for JavaScript is a business rules management system (BRMS) that allows for native rule execution in JavaScript. It supports any browser or JavaScript engine that is ECMA Script 5 compatible.

irDistribution is the core of InRule for JavaScript. This service packages business rules authored in irAuthor, along with the rule engine and the SDK required to run your rules, into a single minified JavaScript file. The irDistribution service features an HTTP API, allowing for integrations such as build / continuous integration processes, which makes it easy to deploy rule changes in the same manner as any other changes in an application.

InRule for JavaScript gives you the ability to run rules in any environment that can execute JavaScript while still creating and maintaining the rules using irAuthor. The same Rule Application can be used in both the .NET and JavaScript rule engine.

Getting Started with InRule for JavaScript

Step 1: Create a rule application in irAuthor. Use the irX for JavaScript extension to help shape your authoring experience for Rule Applications intended to be packaged into JavaScript.

NOTE: Not all rule application features are currently available in the JavaScript rule engine. A list of Supported InRule Features is available, which describes which features are supported in InRule for JavaScript.

Step 2: Package your rule application into JavaScript.

There are three ways to get your rules into JavaScript:

Step 3: Deploy the JavaScript file for use in your application.

Step 4: Write code to create a Rule Session, populate object state, Run rules, and get results using the InRule for JavaScript SDK.

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