Execute JavaScript Function

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The Execute JavaScript Function Rule Action allows you to call a JavaScript function in your external code as part of rules processing.

This action is only available when:

  • the irX for JavaScript extension is installed
  • the Rule Application's target platform is set to JavaScript only (not InRule)


Specifies the name of the Execute JavaScript Function action.

The name of the function to invoke.

Assign return to
Optionally specify a Field or variable to assign the return value of a function. If the function does not return a value, or if you wish to ignore the return value, leave this blank.

Asynchronous function
Check this box if the function should be invoked asynchronously. An asynchronous function is passed a callback from InRule. Prior to completing, the custom function MUST invoke the provided callback in order for rule execution to continue normally.

Specify the input parameters the function will expect from InRule. You may specify a parameter name for each, along with a field or expression to pass in that parameter.

Note: parameter names are not required; you can use them to complete the sample function signature (below).

Sample function
As you complete the action definition, this area will illustrate the signature and calling convention of the actual function. If that function already exists, arrange the action settings above so the signature matches. If it does not already exist, you may use the sample as a start when you write the function.


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