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To package your Rule Application, simply click the Package button on the irAuthor JavaScript ribbon.

Note: In order to package, you must have a Target Platform selected that includes JavaScript ("All Platforms" or "JavaScript").


irAuthor will prompt you for any options before packaging your Rule Application.


Subscription Key
Enter your personal subscription key. Your key is displayed when you log on to the irDistribution website.

irDistribution Service
Select the version of the irDistribution Service API. Normally, you should choose the latest version.

Logging Options
Select the type of logging that should be included in the generated JavaScript. Normally, logging is not needed. Use this option if you need to troubleshoot a problem in your Rule Application. Be aware that logging will have a performance impact. See RuleExecutionLog for examples of accessing the log.

Authoring   Features
Select the metadata defined during authoring that should be included in the generated JavaScript. You may then access them at runtime via the JavaScript SDK.

Select the documentation that should be included in the generated JavaScript.

When you click the Package button, the Rule Application will be validated to check for errors and unsupported JavaScript features. If no errors are found, irAuthor will call the irDistribution service, then prompt you for a location to save the resulting JavaScript file.

After you have saved the file, you may deploy it to your web site or wherever you need it to run.

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