Sorting the Rule Application Details Table

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This feature is currently available in trials. Contact your Customer Service Specialist regarding availability in SaaS customer instances.

When you hover over a column heading, a filter icon appears. You can click on the filter icon to sort the rule application details table in ascending or descending order. This can be especially useful for determining the largest rule application in a catalog, or relative complexity as measured by the number of rules, UDFs, or schema information (entities, fields). 

Sorting the Rule Application Details Table.gif

For example, when evaluating the potential for latency in an architecture that utilizes centralized decisioning, administrators find it helpful to quickly see the number of external endpoints in a rule application. This can be a useful data point for understanding which systems, external to the rule engine, that may impact total cycle time.

For more information on each of the items in this table, please see Understanding the Authoring Insights Widgets.

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