Configuring SSL in ML Studio with NGINX (Using PEM and KEY Files)

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To enhance the security of your ML Studio installation, you can use your own SSL certificate with NGINX, supporting PEM, KEY, and other NGINX-compatible SSL formats.

This guide outlines the necessary steps to configure ML Studio with your SSL certificate.


  • Ensure you have your SSL certificate and private key files. Typically, you will have a .pem file (or .crt) and a .key file from your SSL provider.
  • Familiarity with basic command line operations and Docker.

Step 1: Preparing SSL Certificate Files

Locate your SSL certificate and private key files. You should have something similar to:
your-site.pem (or your-site.crt)

Step 2: Placing SSL Files in the NGINX Directory

  1. Navigate to the xai-workbench-installation/nginx/https/ssl directory in your ML Studio installation.
  2. Replace the existing nginx-selfsigned.key and nginx-selfsigned.pem with your own SSL files: your-site.pem

Step 3: Configuring NGINX

  1. Open the mlstudio.conf.template file located in xai-workbench-installation/nginx/https.
  2. Update the SSL configuration to point to your new SSL files: bash
  3. Copy the code:
    ssl_certificate /etc/ssl/certs/your-site.pem; 

    ssl_certificate_key /etc/ssl/certs/your-site.key;
  4. Replace your-site.pem and your-site.key with your actual file names.

Step 4: Update Environment Configuration

  1. Go to xai-workbench-installation/.env.
  2. Ensure the protocol is set to HTTPS: makefile
  3. Copy the code:

Step 5: Restart ML Studio

In the xai-workbench-installation directory, run:

docker-compose down 
docker-compose up -d

This will restart ML Studio with your new SSL configuration.

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