Embedding Authoring Controls

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Almost all of the controls used to edit rules in irAuthor can be embeddable in custom .NET and WPF applications.  This allows users to create or modify rule applications or parts of a rule application inside of their own custom .NET solution. This provides a domain-centric authoring experience with minimal coding efforts.

WPF controls can be embedded in WinForm application.  Please see Embedding InRule Controls in WinForms for details.

The following is an example of a WPF application hosting the Business Language Editor.  The tree on the left is a standard WPF tree which leverages the Authoring Framework Image Service to display the appropriate image for each rule definition.

NoteTo load InRule resources, the Control Factory must be created prior to the loading of any windows.


The following topics and examples explain how to embed InRule Controls
The Process of Embedding InRule Controls
WinForm Considerations


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