simCluster+ Input / Output

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simCluster+ can process any file that meets the Platform File Specifications. Unlike simClassify or simClassify+, ID is not a mandatory field for simCluster+.

simCluster+ delivers results in several formats:

Download - Results can be downloaded as a CSV file, where the fields are organized as follows: cluster ID in the first field, distance from the center of the cluster in the second (0 - 1 scale, lower is closer), object ID in the third, and the object’ variables in the fields after that.

Graphs - simMachines provides two forms of graphs for visualizing clusters, Sunburst Graphs and Zoomable Sunburst Graphs. Both views expose the clusters of factors behind a classification.


Each cell of the graph is a factor that is important for differentiating that cluster from those around it. The innermost segments are the classifications. As you go further from the center the graph splits into more granular clusters, with the outermost ring being the most precise clustering possible given the parameters selected.

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