simRecommend Model Specifications

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Model Specifications modify a model’s behavior and access to server resources.

simRecommend accepts the following model specifications:


The number of primary search points in the engine. This may improve query speed at the cost of training time. (Range 256 to 1024, default 256)


Minimum accepted probability that the distance between the result and the query will be within the Accepted Error range.  Any result with a lower probability will be discarded. (Range 0 to 1, default .95)

Accepted Error

Maximum accepted difference in distance between returned objects and the query object. (Minimum 1, Default 1.2)

Top Recommendations

The maximum number of recommendations to return. (Default: 10)

simSearch K

Specify the k number of results for the nearest neighbor search. (Default 10)

Repeat Items

Should items already part of the query object be returned? (Default No)

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