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Batch Querying allows you to run many queries at once. Batch Query accepts CSV files as input and returns a CSV file with the results for each object on the inputted data. The inputted file must have an identical format (header and columns) to the data the model was trained on.


View the status and download the results of previously executed batch queries from the “Batch Query List” tab.

To run a new Batch Query you must first upload the file containing the query objects through the “Folder” page (see the Managing Data section for additional information). Once your Batch Query file has been uploaded, select the “Make Batch Query” tab and select the folder containing the Batch Query objects. Name your Output Folder and assign a Batch File name (make sure to specify output format, .csv or .tsv) and select Execute Query. Your Batch Query will move to the Batch Query List and begin executing.


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