Creating Models

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Models represent the various methods of machine learning provided by simMachines. simSearch is a similarity search engine, simRecommend is a collaborative recommendation engine, simClassify classifies and predicts, and simCluster identifies data clusters. Some models have variants, such as simClassify+, which is a Metric Learning classifier and simCluster+, which is a K-Means clustering model.

To create a model navigate to the Models page and click the “Create/Import Model” button and then click the radio button for the model you require.


Details on each model can be found in their respective sections of this document.

After specifying a model, clicking “Create” will bring you to the model creation window. Next, select the Folder and the Spec File, as shown below. The Spec section will fill in and can be browsed.


Below the column specifications are the model parameters. For simSearch, most of these parameters are hidden and can be displayed by clicking the Advanced Options button. When the parameters have been set, click “Create” to train your model. Training time will depend on the dataset being used and the Model Specifications that have been selected.

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