Uploading File(s)

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Data must be uploaded to ML Studio in order for a model to process it. To upload your data, select the folder you wish to store it in and click “Upload File(s)”.


You have your choice of uploading a file from your local system (where your web browser is running) or uploading a file from HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System).

To upload from the local file system, click “Choose a file” and navigate to the file you wish to upload. You can also drag the file from a file browser onto the upload modal window. When you have selected your file, click the “Upload File” button to save it to ML Studio.

The progress bar allows you to track the status of your file upload.


Alternatively, you can upload files from HDFS. These should be CSV (Comma Separated Values) or TSV (Tab Separated Values) format files. You will need to specify the IP address and port of the WebHDFS interface to which you will be connecting. The extension used in the New File Name field should match the format of the data.


When the upload is complete, you will be prompted with a modal to create a Specs File for the uploaded data if this is the first upload to the folder.


You can either choose to navigate to the Specs Creation page via the modal, or from the “Edit Specs for Folder” which is now available on the right hand side of the top folder title bar.


Once at least one file is in a folder, you can create a Specs File.

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