Managing Data

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Files are stored in the Azure hosted or on-premises installed ML Studio and are organized through folders. To create a folder, navigate to the “Folders” page and click “Create Folder”.


Name your folder and click “Create Folder”.


After creating a folder you will be returned to a folder list view.


You can create as many folders as you need. Folders collapse to facilitate browsing.


Click on the folder name to display that folder’s contents.


Folders, Files, Data Sets, and File Headers

All files uploaded to a folder have to have the same header. The folder represents a data set, possibly composed of several files. For example, you might train with a data set of a year’s worth of data. The data for that training could be in one file, containing entries across the entire year, or in many files where each file contains entries for a specific month. The entire folder will be treated as a single data set. An advantage of this approach is that you can modify your data set based on the files that you manage in the folder. For example, with a monthly file approach you can retrain with more recent data by deleting older monthly files and adding the latest monthly data.

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