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The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard gives users a way to model decisions with a uniform structure. And InRule’s DMN Modeler for irAuthor enables users to create, edit, import and export decision requirement diagrams, with added ease-of-use features like built-in directionality governance. It’s just one more way that InRule helps automate and accelerate automation and digital transformation initiatives.InRuleDMN_Model_Step2.png

Solid Decisions Start with Flexible Designs 

The decision requirements diagrams created in DMN for irAuthor are not executable artifacts. Instead, they serve as decision mapping tools that allow people to fill in what they know as they learn it. As new information is discovered, DMN allows users to combine it with existing information to provide new insights. Think of it as a canvas where you’re free to add and change things until the entire picture makes the most sense—a canvas that InRule has made easier to fill in and navigate as part of a comprehensive decision lifecycle.

  • Enable teams to work together to start a decision project, accelerating both the process and group buy-in
  • Help users visualize how different pieces of (often dense) information are related to each other
  • Empower users to share information easier and with a wider range of people
  • Allow for larger projects than open-source software
  • No additional investment for DMN modeling with irAuthor


Get the DMN Modeler extension and begin modeling your automated decisions in irAuthor today. 

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