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The following information details the steps required for configuration of the InRule ApplyRules activity for Windows Workflow.


The ApplyRules activity contains three groups of properties:

  • irCatalog: Those that are required when executing rules retrieved from an irCatalog
  • File: A filename, required when executing rules from a file-base rule application
  • Common: Settings required when using either of the above


Figure 1: Apply Rules activity property grid

The Common Group

All of the following properties are required:

Entity Name

The name of the entity that will be created.


The object that the rule engine will execute rules against. Figure 1 shows a property grid that indicates that an Invoice entity will be created, and the object returned by the workflow’s Invoice property will be used as the entity state.

Note that EntityState is a dependency property, so it’s easy to select the entity state by clicking the EntityState cell, then the ellipsis button. Figure 2 shows the dependency property binding form.


Indicates whether the rule execution log will be saved after rule execution ends. If set to true, the log can be accessed via the LastRuleExecutionLog property on the activity.

Rule Source

This setting indicates whether the rules will be retrieved from an irCatalog or the file system.


Figure 2: EntityState selection dialog.

The File Group

This property is only required when RuleSource is set to RuleApplicationFile.


The filename of the rule application file (*.ruleapp).

The irCatalog Group

These properties are required when RuleSource is set to irCatalog.


The number of milliseconds to cache a rule application retrieve from an irCatalog.


The number of milliseconds to wait for a  response from the irCatalog.


Indicates whether integrated security should be used instead of a username and password.


The password for the irCatalog. Required only when IrCatalogIntegratedSecurity is false.


The URI of the irCatalog.


The username for the irCatalog. Required only when IrCatalogIntegratedSecurity is false.


The label of the rule application to retrieve. If a label is not specified, the latest version is retrieved.


The name of the rule application to retrieve. This value is required.

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