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Rule integration with Rules from a reusable service layer

Key Points

  • WCF or Web API Service that hosts rule execution SDK code
  • This is the most popular approach used to integrate InRule with customer applications
  • A specialized interface can be provided for a specific business problem, or a generic interface can support many different sets of rules with many different data schemas
  • Rule execution can scale-out with demand by spreading load across a server farm
  • Many different consuming applications and platforms can reuse the same rule-processing web service interface
  • IIS supports robust, configurable multi-threaded rule request processing
  • InRule includes generic out-of-the-box SOAP and REST execution services (irServer® Rule Execution Service) with irServer that may be applicable for some solutions
  • InRule provides a code sample for a generic REST execution service that can be customized to meet requirements for most solutions

A possible application architecture for a Web Service that executes rules


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