Hosting irCatalog on IIS vs Windows Services

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During setup and installation of the irServer components, irCatalog, and irServer Rule Execution Service, the installer can choose to host the component services on IIS or as a Windows Service.

Managed Windows Services

This option registers the WCF service as a managed Windows Service. Key benefits and limitations of managed windows services are as follows:

  • Lifetime of the service process is controlled by the operating system and is not message activated.
  • Most versions of Windows support managed Windows Services


IIS is recommended as the preferred approach for hosting InRule in service applications. Key benefits and IIS are noted below:

  • Process recycling and health monitoring
  • Message-based activation
  • Built-in request throttling
  • Built-in thread pooling and request queuing

As detailed in the InRule Installation Help File, InRule generally recommends IIS service types for irCatalog and irServer Rule Execution Service because of the built-in failover, queuing, administration, deployment, and scalability capabilities, as well as additional configuration options.


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