Retrieving the Performance Log

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Prerequisites: A valid RuleSession
Namespaces: InRule.Runtime
Classes:   FileSystemRuleApplicationReference, RuleSession, Entity
See Also: Basic Example Of Calling Rules Engine, Retrieve the Performance Statistics Report
References: InRule.Runtime.dll, InRule.Common.dll

The Performance Log contains information about load, compile and execution times.  This information is also available in the InRule Event Logs.  See Event Log Details for more information.  The following example demonstrates how to capture the Performance Log information using the SDK.

// Create the "Rectangle" entity, passing in Xml for state
Entity rectangle = session.CreateEntity("Rectangle", inputXml);

// Apply rules

// Get performance log information from the RuleSession
string perfLogDetails = session.Statistics.GetRunningTotalAllReport();

Example of Performance Log

SessionId: b8ea59d5-8ec3-4c8b-947c-bb41411d8304
GetRuleApplicationDefExecTime (usually indicates a
ompile): 14569.036ms (max 14569.036ms) 1
CreateRuleApplicationDefInfoExecTime: 1511.761ms (max 1511.761ms) 1
GetRuleApplicationRevisionKeyExecTime (incl. in CreateRuleApplicationDefInfo): 6.591ms 1
AggExecStatInfo.AggDirectives (incl. in Submit): 399.384ms 1
CreateSessionExecTime: 93.793ms 1
CreateEntityExecTime: 17511.331ms (max 17511.331ms) 1
LoadXmlExecTime: 93.128ms 1
SubmitExecTime: 642.903ms (max 642.903ms) 1
ProcessResponseExecTime: 22.564ms 1
ThreadId: 11
MaxCacheDepth: 5
CurrentCacheDepth: 1
CompileExecTime: 17195.075ms 1
WorkingMemCreateCnt: 1
Ruleapp 'RectangleApp': 1
CacheUpTime: 18.421sec
RunningTotalAll: 35558.794ms

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