Promote a Rule Application from Catalog to Catalog

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Prerequisites: Valid RuleCatalogConnection to both Source and Target Catalog
Namespaces: InRule.Repository
Classes: RuleApplicationDef, RuleAppRef, RuleCatalogConnection
See Also: Creating a RuleCatalogConnection

// Get a reference to the rule application from the source Catalog (doing by name here, label and revision
could be used as well)
RuleAppRef ruleAppRef = sourceConn.GetRuleAppRef("AutoDepreciation");

// Get the rule application from the Source Catalog
RuleApplicationDef sourceRuleAppDef = sourceCo
n.GetSpecificRuleAppRevision(ruleAppRef.Guid, ruleAppRef.PublicRevision);

// Promote the rule application to the Target Catalog
RuleApplicationDef targetRuleAppDef = targetConn.PromoteRuleApplication(sourceRuleAppDef,
"Description", "Comments");

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