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For most rule engine implementations, it is a common scenario to integrate with one or more end business applications or processes.  InRule provides an extensive developer API (irSDK) to incorporate the decisions and actions authored in the rule application to drive the processes within an end business application.

These examples describe the methods and techniques to perform many of the common functions used by a typical rule-enabled application.  The following topics are covered in this section:

Runtime API Examples

The InRule Runtime API contains all of the objects and methods used to load data, execute rules, process results, and work with rule application metadata.

Authoring API Examples

The InRule Authoring API (also referred to as the Repository SDK) spans two functional areas: developing against the RuleApplicationDef model and embedding authoring controls.

Catalog API Examples

The InRule Catalog API demonstrates how to retrieve and work with rule applications that are stored in the InRule Catalog.


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