Configuration Files

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A variety of adjustable parameters or settings that are utilized by InRule are available as sections or keys that can be added to configuration files.  These settings govern the behavior of specific functionality of InRule components.

The following topics describe InRule config file sections:

The InRule configuration files can be found at the following locations:

Catalog Service

  • IIS - <InRule installation directory>\irServer\RepositoryService\IisService\Web.config
  • Windows Service - <InRule installation directory>\irServer\RepositoryService\WindowsService\RepositoryWindowsService.exe.config

Rule Engine Service

  • IIS - <InRule installation directory>\irServer\RuleEngineService\IisService\Web.config
  • Windows Service - <InRule installation directory>\irServer\RuleEngineService\WindowsService\RepositoryWindowsService.exe.config

irAuthor and irVerify

  • <InRule installation directory>\irAuthor\irAuthor.exe.config


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