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InRule with BizTalk

Key Points

  • BizTalk provides a robust framework for batch processing and reliable messaging. However, many back-end processes require complex business logic for validation or transformation
  • InRule ships with an adapter for BizTalk that can run within a BizTalk Host Instance
  • InRule also ships with a DLL that can be called from a transform shape directly in an orchestration. Note that this approach is only suggested when rule request sizes are small (< 100K XML) and have short execution times (< 250 ms).
  • For more advanced and scalable deployments, InRule can be hosted in a WCF service on a server farm, and process BizTalk messages sent using the web service adapters

BizTalk message processing using the InRule adapter for BizTalk


BizTalk message processing using an external, scalable Business Rule Server farm


A sample BizTalk orchestration that processes health care claims. The rule engine is sent a message to perform complex business logic comparisons and calculations to ensure claims are valid.


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