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Rule integration with Microsoft® Dynamics® CRM and rules from a reusable service layer

Key Points

  • InRule has code samples available that demonstrate execution of rules against CRM entities
  • For most on-premise scenarios, a light-weight plugin can run inside the Microsoft® Dynamics® 365 Sandbox and call a service that runs rules in a different process
  • For on-line scenarios, a similar light-weight plugin approach can be applied when using CRM Service Endpoints and the Microsoft® Azure® Service Bus
  • For out-of-process, cloud, and AJAX scenarios, a REST web service approach offers a simple, re-usable interface to process rules against CRM entities

Using the sample light-weight Sandbox Plugin code with REST service for InRule integration with Microsoft® Dyanmics® 365



For Microsoft® Dynamics® 365 Online, a sandbox plugin can use the Microsoft® Azure® Service Bus to execute rules using a Microsoft® Azure® worker role




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