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This guide is intended to provide high-level architectural and design guidance regarding the implementation of InRule® within single applications and across disparate systems.

Before embarking on any InRule implementation, the following concepts should be considered:

  • How many different business problems will the rule implementation need to solve? Do components and services need to be reusable? How many different rule applications are required?
  • What is the anticipated load the rule implementation needs to support?
  • Do the applications and business problems require stateful execution, or can a stateless architecture be used?
  • Which technology stacks will be included in the integration with rules?
  • What types of system architectures are best suited for scalability, portability, and integration with disparate systems?
  • As the solution is developed and deployed, which configuration settings and SDK approaches will optimize maintenance and performance?
  • How will rule changes be managed across development, testing, and production environments? 

This section includes five major sub-sections that assist in answering the questions posed above:

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