Retrieving Fields

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Prerequisites: A valid Entity
Namespaces: InRule.Runtime
Classes: Field, Collection, Entity
See Also: Retrieving a Rule Application, Creating a RuleSession, Creating Entities

Retrieving a field from the entity

//  Retrieve the CustomerID field from the Invoice entity.
Field customerId = invoiceEntity.Fields["CustomerID"];

Retrieving a field from a collection

// Retrieve the ProductID of the first LineItem in the LineItems collection.
Field productId = invoiceEntity.Collections["LineItems"][0].Fields["ProductID"];

Note: Collection indexing is 0-based through the SDK and 1-based for referencing from within a rule application.

Retrieving a field to set a typed variable

//  Retrieve the CustomerID field value from the Invoice entity.        
int customerId = invoiceEntity.Fields["CustomerID"].Value.ToInt32();

Retrieving all fields in an Entity

// Show all the fields in the Entity
foreach (Field field in invoiceEntity.Fields)
 Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Found {0} {1}", field.Name, field.Value.ToString()));

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