Adding Items into the Cache

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Namespaces: InRule.Runtime
Classes:   FileSystemRuleApplicationReference, CatalogRuleApplicationReference,
InMemoryRuleApplicationReference, RuleSession
See Also: Creating a RuleSession with Cache Retention, Controlling Compilation and Cache Retention, Iterating items in the cache , Working with the Rule Application Cache
References: InRule.Runtime.dll, InRule.Common.dll

In general, items are automatically added to the cache when needed or explicitly using Compile, however
you can manually add rule applications into the cache:

string ruleAppPath = @"c:\temp\Invoice.ruleApp";

// add an item into the cache using a rule application reference
var ruleApp = new FileSystemRuleApplicationReference(ruleAppPath);

// add an item into the cache using the path, notice that the same options provided
// by the compile method are also available
RuleSession.RuleApplicationCache.Add(ruleAppPath, true, CacheRetention.FromWeight(3000));

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