Controlling Compilation and Cache Retention

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Namespaces: InRule.Runtime
Classes:   RuleApplicationReference
See Also: Creating a RuleSession with Cache Retention, Adding items into the Cache, Iterating items in
the cache
, Working with the Rule Application Cache
References: InRule.Runtime.dll, InRule.Common.dll

// You can check to see if a rule application is compiled
if (!ruleApp.IsCompiled)
  // Compile functions as well as metadata, if false only the
  // metadata is compiled
  bool compileFunctions = true;

  // Set the cache retention, AlwaysRetain will extend the cache to fit all
  // apps compiled with AlwaysRetain
   CacheRetention cacheRetention = CacheRetention.AlwaysRetain;

  // You can also use a weight to control how an application is retained in the
  // cache, a high weight take preference over lower weights - int.MaxValue is the
  // same as Always Retain
   cacheRetention = CacheRetention.FromWeight(2000);

  // Compile the rule app
   ruleApp.Compile(compileFunctions, cacheRetention);

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