Determine FieldDef Dependencies

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Prerequisites: A valid RuleRepositoryDefBase, A valid EvalNetwork
Namespaces: InRule.Repository, InRule.Repository.Infos
Classes:   RuleApplicationDef, RuleRepositoryDefBase, DefUsageNetwork, FieldDef
References: InRule.Common.dll, InRule.Repository.dll

Determine FieldDef Dependencies

The following recursive method shows how to identify all FieldDef dependencies for a given RuleRepositoryDefBase object.

public static IEnumerable<DefUsage> GetDependentFieldDefs(RuleRepositoryDefBase def,
DefUsageNetwork network)
 // Create collection of all usages by the given definition
 var usages = network.GetDefUsages(def.Guid, true);

 // Return list of dependencies
 return usages;

Instantiate the DefUsageNetwork

The following code snippet demonstrates the proper way to create an instance of the DefUsageNetwork.

public static DefUsageNetwork GetDefUsageNetwork(RuleApplicationDef ruleAppDef)
 return DefUsageNetwork.Create(ruleAppDef);

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