irSDK Object Model

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InRule's irSDK contains a rich object model providing all of the properties, methods, and events required to manage most rule-enabled scenarios.  Below are the core assemblies and namespaces that comprise irSDK.  The assemblies are installed in <InRule installation directory>\irSDK\bin by default.

The namespaces contained in irSDK fall into two logical groups:

  • Runtime API - runtime execution namespaces for requesting rules execution and processing results
  • Authoring API - rule authoring namespaces for creating rules in code and embedding authoring controls

Runtime Execution Namespaces


  • Used to execute rule applications
  • Typically the primary namespace used by developers to call the rules engine
  • Assembly: InRule.Runtime.dll


  • irVerify® integration and execution statistics

Rule Authoring Namespaces


  • Used to create and maintain rule applications
  • Every necessary rule element is available to create rule applications in code
  • Both irAuthor uses this namespace exclusively
  • Assembly: InRule.Repository.dll

InRule.Authoring.Editors, InRule.Authoring.BusinessLanguage

  • Classes and methods to embed authoring controls in a host application
  • Assemblies: InRule.Authoring.Editors.dll, InRule.Authoring.BusinessLanguage.dll


  • Set of classes and namespaces to assign rights to element types with the rule application
  • Assembly: InRule.Repository.dll

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