Overview and Requirements

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Allowing access to InRule using Central Authentication Services (CAS) is easy. InRule provides CAS access via enterprise identity providers Azure AD and Okta. Through this integration, organizations can take advantage of all the benefits provided by CAS, including security.

Requirements for Activating Centralized Authentication with InRule:

  1. Deployment
    On Premises
  2. Trial User
    Active InRule Trial Account or sign up at https://inrule.com/free-trial/
  3. Customer
    Active InRule license
    InRule 5.4.3 or above

Additional requirements from Azure or Okta may exist and are covered in their respective sections.

Basics of Centralized Authentication

Our CAS is a protocol based on Open ID Connect (OIDC) that permits a user to access multiple applications using the same underlying authentication service to validate their credentials (user ID and password). To read more about OIDC, click here: https://openid.net/connect/

The service provides the authentication, which means the web application determines the user permission without gaining access to the user’s security credentials. This method improves security, ease of use, traceability, compliance, privacy and performance.

How Centralized Authentication Works with the InRule Decision Platform

InRule utilizes Auth0 to power Centralized Authentication for the application. This allows CAS to work with organizations that use Enterprise Identity Providers Azure AD or Okta.



Setting Up Centralized Authentication

The following steps identify how to setup InRule CAS with an OIDC conformant Identity Provider (IdP). Once set up, this will allow the client to gain access to InRule applications within your organization.

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