Difference Report

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The Difference Report compares different revisions of the same rule application and displays the differences between the revisions. To compare the revisions, select the Difference button in the Reports group on the ribbon.

NOTE: The Difference Report was not designed to compare different rule applications entirely. It uses an underlying unique identifier for each rule element to do the comparison, and therefore is intended only to be used to compare different revisions of the same rule application.



This button brings up the Show Differences window, where you can select the rule applications to "compare from" and "compare to".


When selecting the "compare from" and "compare to" rule applications, you have these choices.

  • From file - enter the path to the rule application file, or click the ellipsis button for an Open dialog
  • From catalog - select a specific rule application version from the catalog
  • Currently loaded rule application - use the rule application that is currently open in irAuthor.

Difference Report

The completed report is displayed in irAuthor.


You can view the report in irAuthor or click "Open in browser" to see the report in your browser.




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