Using a Value List in Rules and Field Validations

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irAuthor provides various features around a concept called a value list. Values lists are intended to be linked to fields that should have a distinct a set of values. These fields might show up in your application as drop down or list boxes. Values lists are intended to allow rule authors to do the following:

  • Evaluate field(s) in a rule without having to worry about spelling and capitalization
  • Set the value of a field by selecting from a set of valid values
  • Easily validate fields by verifying that a value entered by a user is in the value list

Value lists are simply a list of values that are stored in the ruleapp or come from a database. They can optionally have descriptions associated with the values which is useful if the values are codes, abbreviations etc.

There are a variety of ways value lists can be used within irAuthor. The following examples use a value list of United States state codes that has been associated with the State/Province field:


Using a value list to evaluate a field:


Using a value list to set the value of a field:



Setting up a Constraint (field-level validation) using a value list:




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