Getting Data Using a REST Operation

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Sometimes a rule author will want to access data from external web sites that have exposed data through REST based services. Typically web sites will use REST when they want to have as broad a reach as possible, allowing people to use simple HTTP verbs to manage data.

InRule supports being able to retrieve data through the use of a REST Operation.

This example will use the freely available test OData endpoint at OData.svc. The test OData endpoint exposes the following EntitySets:


For this scenario, we will walk through setting up a connection to this OData endpoint and consume it via business rules.

Adding a REST Service


Adding a REST Operation that will query products by rating



Calling a REST Service using the Execute REST Action function

  1. Select "Execute REST Service" from the Right Click "Add" -> "Actions" menu on a ruleset
  2. Provide an Expression for each input to the REST Operation and assign the result of the call to either a text variable or a text field


Looking up a specific value from the Execute REST Action response



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