Getting Data Using a .NET Method

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Many organizations use a “.NET layer” to handle the communication between applications and their databases. For those situations, rule authors can use functionality in irAuthor that allows them to execute a .NET method. irAuthor provides the ability to setup user-friendly business language that can be used to execute the .NET method. In that way technical users are able to provide business- user-friendly access to traditionally technical functionality.

InRule supports being able to setup references to static and instance methods.

This example will use the previous example of determining if a customer gets free shipping based on their loyalty status by performing a search of this table via a .NET method:


For this scenario, once a technical user has setup the reference to the method, they can change the template text for the method to make the method reference more useable. Following that, a business user can use the method reference in the following ways:

.NET Method call in Business Language


.NET Method Call in Syntax


.NET Method Call using the Execute Method Action


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