Connecting Rule Flow Elements and Default Behavior

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Elements of a Rule Flow must be connected together in a logical beginning-to-end sequence in order for the rule flow to be compiled without error and executed.

To connect elements

  1. Drag an element onto the designer.
  2. Hover over the upstream element to display a small box that represents the port of the connector. In this simple example, the upstream element is the default entry element.
  3. Click on the port and drag the connector to the downstream element. Hover over the downstream element until it's port is displayed.
  4. Release and the element is connected. In this simple example, the new element is automatically connected downstream to the default terminator element.

General Behavior Connecting Elements

  • In a single branch flow, the most downstream element will automatically connect itself to the default terminator.
  • As each additional element is connected into a single-path flow, the designer will attempt to terminate the default downstream connector accordingly.
  • Elements that don't have an upstream connection are considered orphans. Orphans will result in compilation errors.
  • Dashed lines indicate that the element connected is not represented by a Def in the irSDK object model.

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