Converging and Terminating Rule Flows

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Single Path Flows

A flow with no conditions has only a single path for execution. Single path flows can terminate at the default termination element as well as at a termination element dragged onto the rule flow.

Flows With Multiple Branches or Paths

Using one or more condition elements will result in a branching flow that, based upon entity values, will execute different downstream rule flow elements. The user may experience InRule validation errors when attempting to terminate rule flows with conditions if they do not follow these rules:

  • As a general guideline, InRule requires that convergence shapes be one-to-one with condition shapes unless the condition terminates at a separate, non-default termination element. For example, each branch of the condition element must either connect downstream to a non- default termination element OR must connect into a convergence element prior to the branch ending at the default termination element.

The following sample rule flows represent VALID handling of convergence and termination. 


Invalid Convergence / Termination Handling

The following situations will result in rule flow validation errors:

  • Neither branches of a condition element end at a termination
  • The branches of a condition element terminate at different convergence elements
  • Either branch terminates at an invalid element (e.g. any element other than a convergence or termination)

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