Rule Flow Menu Options, Zoom controls, and Undo Behavior

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Rule Flow Designer Options

Right-click on the designer to open the options menu:


  • Print - allows the user to print or preview the rule flow. The rule flow can also be restricted to print on one page.
  • Export Image - saves the rule flow as an image.
  • Auto Layout - adjusts the rule flow elements in a logical layout.

Rule Flow Element Options

Right-click on an element to open the following menu:


To select multiple elements:

  • Lasso the desired elements
  • Hold Ctrl and click elements
  • Hold Shift and click elements

Note - the align options will use the first element selected as the guide for which other elements are aligned against

Zoom controls

  • Dragging elements beyond the default defined boundaries increases the designer size.
  • The zoom slider control increases or decreases the area viewable in the designer.

Undo Behavior

All work performed inside the Rule Flow designer can be undone/redone using the Ctrl-Z / Ctrl-Y shortcut key combinations or the menu options.


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