Building Rules

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Create Rule

When a language rule is created the business language editor is displayed with a "Create Rule" placeholder.

Tab to or click-on the Create Rule link to choose the rule construct or action to begin authoring.


Build Condition

After selecting a conditional template (If...Then..., Select case...), create the condition by selecting the [build condition] link and the menu with all available functions and schema items will appear. Type or select the schema item or function you wish to use first. When the expression is not a complete Boolean condition or a function template has empty placeholders, blue links will appear.

Select the blue links to build out a complete expression.



Selecting the field displays the list of all relevant expressions applicable to the field.


Add Action

Language rules allow for nesting of multiple rules and actions. Enter resulting actions or rules using the [add action] link. When one action is created, a new add action link is shown so that multiple actions or rules can be entered.



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