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Each defined Condition Set creates a corresponding column in the Decision Table. Specific instances of named Expressions are defined for each Condition in a Condition set, which will populate the selections for each row in the Condition's column within the Decision Table.

There are many options for defining Conditions: Simple field comparison, Syntax Expression, business language expression, or building the conditions from a value list.



Condition Name

Specifies the name of the Condition Set that appears in the Decision Table Column Header.

Include 'Any' in Condition Set

Adds the 'Any' option to the list of Conditions, which provides for a "catch all" that essentially triggers the Condition to True.

Link to Input Field

Specifies if the Condition Set relates to a specific Field in which case the Field Condition editor may be used.

Field Name

Name of the Field the Condition is linked to.

Use Value List

If the Condition is linked to a Field, a value list may be selected to automatically populate the Condition Set.

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