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Creating a decision table from the logic of a spreadsheet is an excellent way to use this type of rule construct within your rule application. You can manage complex logic in a graphical view without the need to create nested-IF statements and actions.


Figure 1



Grocery Store “ABC Foods” is using spreadsheets to track the price of different items throughout each department (bakery, produce, deli, etc) of the grocery store.


ABC Foods has several issues with the use of so many different spreadsheets throughout each department in the grocery store. One issue is trying to enforce consistency of each spreadsheet and a second issue is how difficult it is to track any revisions when there are pricing changes.


Create a decision table from the logic of a spreadsheet, providing consistent changes and the ability to track price revisions.


The following rule was authored using the business language editor from a specific row in the spreadsheet; the result is a rule which has four (4) nested-IF statements and an action.


Figure 2


Using the same logic and creating a decision table as pictured below you would have the same four (4) conditions and one associated action.


Figure 3

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